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We are the Australia based and operating timber flooring service providers, our firm specializing in timber floor installations and sanding related services. Our team at Bodertown Noosa is specifically designed with the most specialized, skilled, and talented professionals to deliver the most polished facilities in timely manners.

our experiences in catering

We have, over the time, increased our experiences in catering to various clients with differing requirements, tastes, and preferences and pride ourselves for meeting each demand of our customers. This is what has essentially helped us ensure that our customer stay with us for long times as well as referring us to others and bringing even more customers to us.

working on numerous projects

Furthermore, working on numerous projects in Queensland and even other parts of Australia has contributed significantly in us becoming more familiar with the industry, its trends, contemporary conditions, and maintaining relations with all the stakeholders. Also, we have the essential objective to always strive to increase quality of services offered, employees, and clientele relation, and this all too while quoting the best possible competitive prices to clients.


Our mission is to offer our customers an immensely customer-oriented environment and flooring and remodelling facilities. Because of this, we aim to be highly accommodating to changes in the tastes and preferences of the customers as well as always being quick to respond to even our staff members, vendors, and long term sub-contractors. Honesty and transparency are the basis of our bonds, from the first meeting till the conclusion of projects and even during the time after that, with all involved stakeholders to maximize our company’s worth. Hence, our primary aim also comprises of our existing as well as new ones choosing us due to our assurance and guarantee of providing both quality and value in all the services we deliver.


Best 5 Home Builders In Australia

Looking for a home builder? Hats off to you for doing the research. Many people don’t bother and then pay the consequences. Mate! You are on the right track. Now that you have taken this step, just do not rely on the internet. We have a number of companies but make sure to take personal reviews from our peers too. Here a few according to many leading home builders canberra ranking websites:


This is an international company that is famous for residential construction. The budget ranges from low to medium investment. There are a number of high rise apartment towers. Projects handled by the company are worth billions. It is the third-largest home builder in the country which builds apartments, retirement villages and units.

Metricon Homes

This company has been popular for providing innovative and creative homes. What makes this company stand out is the element of practicality that it brings in its design. The homes designed by the company are not only a visual treat but they are also convenient. The business started in 1976 and has achieved the title of building the largest amount of homes in the country. According to HIA report, one of the most trusted sources, it has built 3040 homes in Victoria and more than 4000 homes across the country.

Burbank Group

Burbank Group started as a small company and specialized in building homes in the suburbs of Melbourne. Later they expanded their construction projects to Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and NSW. It has built more than 1700 houses in Victoria only so far. More so, it trades under a number of names which include Burbank Australia, Burbank Homes, Burbank Construction and many more. You see the word BURBANK, don’t hold back just go in their office and ask them for a construction plan according to your needs.

Hanley Property

Another name which was once a small name and has gained reputation for one of the most respected construction companies. The stress of this construction business begins from the quality and ends on the quality. It has built almost 1500 homes across Victoria and 2237 homes across the country.

Carlisle Home

It has been around working as a construction company for 14 years now. The company claims to build almost 8000 homes across the country. It is said to have built the homes of the most exceptional company quality and many authentic sources quote them for their level of professionalism.
It is your right to do the research when it comes to the selection of the home builder. However, before choosing a home builder, enlist the things you want in your home. Discus your plan and sit with the builder. Take his time and ask him as many questions as you can. Do not hold back. This is a good way of checking whether the company you have picked to the job has the patience to listen to you or not.

How to clean parquet: guide to cleaning wooden floors

When deciding to use parquet as a flooring in your home, you need to be aware of all the maintenance and cleaning work that it will have to undergo during its existence. A wooden floor, in fact, requires constant care that must be carried out daily to prevent the parquet from deteriorating too quickly. Failure to pay attention will cause the floor to curl, become dirty and rise. In this guide we will see how to clean the parquet , which are the best products to use and which natural methods we can apply to have a floor always impeccable.

The basics: why is it important to have a parquet that is always clean?

Parquet is not like all other types of flooring, it is special from every point of view. In fact, wood is a living material that is constantly evolving. Just like humans, it ages, changes color, changes over time, “suffers” from heat, cold and humidity. For this it needs more attention, it is certainly not something we can install, use every day and abandon to its destiny.

Cleaning it, therefore, is important because it allows us to keep it (as far as possible) always young and at the maximum of its possibilities. After the initial expense, which is usually quite conspicuous, not cleaning it and treating it properly would be a pity both in terms of beauty and in terms of convenience. On the contrary, devoting the necessary care to him daily allows us to make the most of him by keeping him beautiful and healthy.

What do you risk if you don’t care for the parquet?

Besides the inconvenience of having a visibly dirty house (and you know, a dirty floor makes the whole environment look worse than maybe it actually is) there are other small changes that take place in the wood, often not immediately visible but which in the long run cause the wood to break or be seriously damaged. A wooden floor abandoned to itself is liable to swell or shrink , causing visible damage, such as the lifting of the planks or a too accentuated presence of leaks and annoying gradients.

An unavoidable change for any parquet, but which can still be treated with special products to limit damage, is oxidation. Wood, in direct contact with sources of light and heat like the sun, establishes a process that leads it to change its color. It works a bit like tanning: the part of parquet exposed to the sun, instead of hardening like we humans do, becomes clearer. 

This difference becomes visible especially if we have heavy carpets or furniture. Moving them we will immediately realize that the wood, in those areas, has a different color and looks visibly newer. There is nothing to worry about and it is a perfectly normal phenomenon. You just need to be aware of it and start knowing that the wood will undergo this natural modification process.

Kitchen parquet: guide, tips, ideas

The parquet combined with the kitchen always arouses some doubt. We question its resistance to falling objects and especially to water, which could accidentally end up on the wood and damage it. Many, in fact, are still convinced that the wooden floor cannot be laid in the kitchen (as well as in the bathroom) due to any accidents that may occur. In this article we will see why this belief is wrong and many tips to choose the right parquet for this particular area of ​​the house.

Kitchen parquet: the complete guide to avoid mistakes

The parquet, as previously suggested, can be laid throughout the house and potentially in any place. Some rooms, however, are less problematic than others, but this should not scare us: just choose the essence carefully and follow some suggestions.

First of all we must aim for the highest quality of wood. Poor parquet has very little chance of surviving the huge use of the kitchen. Another essential aspect is resistance: the essence chosen must have certain characteristics that allow it not to be damaged too much with wear and to better face the accidents that can occur. In particular it must be very stable , therefore not prone to deforming with water and humidity, and resistant to bumps and scratches of any kind.

The two best essences ever for this purpose are:

  • The teak , one of the most weather-resistant, also used for outdoor paving. Besides being stable and very resistant, it is also waterproof and very hard; perfect to resist falling objects, water splashes and the risk of falling fat or oily foods.
  • The wengè , which shares characteristics very similar to those mentioned for teak and is very durable and suitable for the kitchen.

These two, however, are not the only essences that can be used. Among the various possible choices we can also opt for iroko , oak and merbau . At the time of purchase, for greater security, we can ask our trusted retailer for advice specifying well that the parquet is intended for the kitchen. An expert will surely know how to direct our choice to the most adequate essence also as regards our aesthetic taste.

Another point to think about is the choice between solid wood and plywood . Regarding this point, the experts often have conflicting opinions. In principle, however, the majority agrees on the choice of the multilayer considered more stable and less prone to deformation due to the various agents that may appear in the kitchen.

Particular attention must also be given to the thickness of the wooden strips . The kitchen, in fact, is the most trodden area of ​​the house and the parquet must be thick enough to withstand continuous use. 

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