Best 5 Home Builders In Australia

Looking for a home builder? Hats off to you for doing the research. Many people don’t bother and then pay the consequences. Mate! You are on the right track. Now that you have taken this step, just do not rely on the internet. We have a number of companies but make sure to take personal reviews from our peers too. Here a few according to many leading home builders canberra ranking websites:


This is an international company that is famous for residential construction. The budget ranges from low to medium investment. There are a number of high rise apartment towers. Projects handled by the company are worth billions. It is the third-largest home builder in the country which builds apartments, retirement villages and units.

Metricon Homes

This company has been popular for providing innovative and creative homes. What makes this company stand out is the element of practicality that it brings in its design. The homes designed by the company are not only a visual treat but they are also convenient. The business started in 1976 and has achieved the title of building the largest amount of homes in the country. According to HIA report, one of the most trusted sources, it has built 3040 homes in Victoria and more than 4000 homes across the country.

Burbank Group

Burbank Group started as a small company and specialized in building homes in the suburbs of Melbourne. Later they expanded their construction projects to Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and NSW. It has built more than 1700 houses in Victoria only so far. More so, it trades under a number of names which include Burbank Australia, Burbank Homes, Burbank Construction and many more. You see the word BURBANK, don’t hold back just go in their office and ask them for a construction plan according to your needs.

Hanley Property

Another name which was once a small name and has gained reputation for one of the most respected construction companies. The stress of this construction business begins from the quality and ends on the quality. It has built almost 1500 homes across Victoria and 2237 homes across the country.

Carlisle Home

It has been around working as a construction company for 14 years now. The company claims to build almost 8000 homes across the country. It is said to have built the homes of the most exceptional company quality and many authentic sources quote them for their level of professionalism.
It is your right to do the research when it comes to the selection of the home builder. However, before choosing a home builder, enlist the things you want in your home. Discus your plan and sit with the builder. Take his time and ask him as many questions as you can. Do not hold back. This is a good way of checking whether the company you have picked to the job has the patience to listen to you or not.